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Palo Santo / Spirit Bitters

Palo Santo / Spirit Bitters

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Lending reverence to each meal, Palo Santo Spirit Bitters endow the digestive system with magick, intimate communion and lore, lifting us into a blissful state of conscious connection. Exotic notes of Cardamom, Vanilla, and Star Anise enhance the action of this formulation to enliven, refresh, and invigorate the entire digestive process.


Smoky, sweet and woody with an exotic finish.


+ Encourages conscious, intentional eating
+ Stimulates digestive secretions
+ Helps to tame an upset stomach
+ Freshens the breath
+ Helps break down fatty foods
+ Ensures proper absorption of nutrients
+ Discourages growth of bacteria
+ Natural detoxifier

Artisan Formula: Artesian well cane spirits, spring water, ethically and sustainably harvested Palo Santo bark, organic Cardamom seeds, organic Star Anise, organic Vanilla Bean, organic pure Vanilla extract.

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